Tournament Overview & Rules


  • Game will run on Nintendo Switches
  • Wired LAN Mode
  • Monitors are not guaranteed to have built-in speakers
    • Headsets are allowed into the Switch for sound
  • Players are to provide their own controller
    • HORI Game Pad
    • Any other wired controller


  • Tournaments are best-two-out-of-three sets
    • Exceptions are in the final bracket for Winners Finals, Losers Semifinals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals
  • Standard game rules:
    • All Battle Pokémon, Support Sets, and Cheer Skills are legal
    • Rounds are 80 seconds
    • Skill Points are off
  • All sets start with double-blind pick. After each game, the winner is character-locked to the same Battle Pokémon they used in the previous game; they may still choose to change Support Sets or Cheer Skills
  • In the event of a disconnection, it is up to the TO's discretion for resolution. TOs reserve the right to assign a game win/loss for reasons including but not limited to:
    • Belief that the disconnection was intended
    • The disconnection was irrelevant to outcome of the match

Tournament Structure & Payout

  • Pot payout is split among the top four players as such:
    • 1st place: 55%
    • 2nd place: 25%
    • 3rd place: 15%
    • 4th place: 5%
  • The tournament will run with two pools, four advancing from each pool
    • There will be a dinner break between the pools matches to Top 8
  • To minimize Double Jeopardy, the two players advancing from the lowers side from a pool will be matched with players from the other pool:
    1. Say that players A, B, C, D make it out of Pool 1. Players A and B are on winners side, C and D on losers side
    2. In Top 8, Players A and B will play their Winners Semis match in Top 8
    3. Player C will play Losers Eighths of Top 8 against someone in Pool 2, rather than against Player D