Registration Information


To register, by October 20th, fill out the form below with basic information along with which pass you wish to purchase for the event:

  • Spectator Pass ($50):
    • Access to the beach house hosting Burst Attack! throughout the weekend.
    • Enjoy a catered dinner in the beach house before Top 8 (See Tournament Structure).
    • Access to sign up at the venue for all side events (TBA).
  • Competitor Pass ($70):
    • Same as the Spectator Pass, but including a $20 entry into Saturday's main tournament.
(Note: We're offering a $10 cash refund for systems at the start of the tournament on a first-come, first-serve basis. System must include the Nintendo Switch & dock, the power adapter, a LAN adapter, and an HDMI Cable.)

Once submitted and reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email from the TO and instructions for payment. Note that only PayPal is accepted, and that passes are not guaranteed until the payment is received.

For venue host privacy, all registrants will receive specific venue information roughly two weeks from the event, but a general location and travel options are provided here.


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